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Envirotek Pest Management provides a variety of pest control services that are tailored to your specific pest issue. Envirotek Pest is a local company that was started by Rondall Jones after working for local companies in the Jackson Tennessee area for over 20 years it is the main goal of Envirotek to deliver the best services. Services at the lowest cost possible while offering a 100% money back guarantee.


Excessive moisture in your crawlspace can lead to damage over time such as wood decay, wood rot, fungus, mold and mildew and air that's unhealthy to breath. Moisture also leaves a perfect environment for termite activity. Give us a call today for a free thorough inspection underneath and around the outside of your home to identify any areas of concern.



Bedbugs will harbor in cracks and crevices during daylight hours but at night they will come out and feed. They will usually be found around creases in the mattress, mattress buttons, inside box springs and any crack or crevice in the bedframe. They will also be found in picture frames, around nightstands, stuffed furniture, light switches, conduit's, cracks in wood flooring and behind loose wallpaper. In heavy infestation's they can be found in attic spaces and wall voids.

Bed bugs can be introduced into a structure via used furniture or in the belongings of someone that has been living in a bedbug infested situation. Someone visiting could possibly bring bedbugs in their belongings such as a purse etc.

If you know or suspect you may have bed bugs in your home or facility, give us a call for a free inspection. 731-618-BUGS(2847)